Strip Search - Season 1
(DVD Set)


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I don't know that I could explain everything that Strip Search is, fully, in this text block. It is a show you can watch, and you're welcome to. It's a "reality show" when it feels like it wants to be a reality show, and other times it's a little too real to fit in that box. "Survivor For Cartoonists" sort of captures it. And this set captures it even further, especially for fans, but also those who are about to become so: tons of video we couldn't fit into the normal show, about a day - literally, an entire day - of commentary tracks, and footage from the house they stayed in while people were being eliminated elsewhere. An exquisite collection for the enthusiast, but a profound introduction also. We hope you enjoy it. This collection will ship with a bonus 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inch, limited-edition print of original artwork by the 3 Strip Search Finalists, while supplies last.

Product Details


Over 2 hours of bonus content including:

— Nighttime footage from the house
— Deleted scenes
— Extra scenes from EVERY elimination episode
— Footage of the artists’ video applications

Two full commentary tracks from Penny Arcade and Bionic Trousers.

All 31 Episodes from the first season of Strip Search

7 Discs

Totally region free