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Pinny Arcade Valentine's Day Double Secret Boxes

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The Merch wears a grey Penny Arcade hat.

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***Limit of 12 Double Secret Boxes per order. ***These Are Standard Double Secret Boxes Pinny Arcade has been around awhile, and it has adherents at every level of enthusiasm. From the young man who only collects cat pins, to the woman adorned with twenty copies of a single bird, all the way up to the Advocate level enthusiast who trades straight out of a binder (or three). With years of pins from years of shows, there's a huge breadth of offerings. The Double Secret Box lets you roll the dice from the entire catalog and see what you come up with. Good luck! Each Double Secret box contains two official Pinny Arcade pins that can be collected and traded for other Pinny Arcade pins, if that's something that interests you. You can look here for the general rules.   Box Contains: Two Pinny Arcade pins selected at almost-random, mostly from the entirety of the pins that have been traded with Penny Arcade staff at every PAX since the dawn of Pinny Arcade, that includes pins from Penny Arcade and from Pinny Arcade partners. All pins have been inspected for damage and authenticity, then cleaned and fully sterilized before being individually bagged and then boxed two-by-two. *The case option is the full 12 boxes