Company Tokens


The Merch wears a grey Penny Arcade hat.

The Merch's Satisfaction Guarantee

Love it or send it back to us within 30 days for a refund for the item.
*Excludes return shipping cost.

Now you too can own the same company tokens used by Real Acq Inc Interns in lieu of gold! Warning: Not redeemable anywhere, for anything, for any reason, ever. Batteries not included and also not needed.

Product Details


10x Acquistions Inc copper tokens (36 mm x 20.4 mm / approx 1.4" x 0.8")

10 x Acquisitions Inc silver tokens (38 mm x 22.4 mm / approx 1.5" x 0.9")

10 x Acquisitions Inc gold tokens (40 mm x 24.4 mm / approx 1.6" x 1.0")

1 black velvet bag with Acq Inc emboirdered logo.

*not actual silver & gold