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Happy New Year!

The Merch

Wednesday, 12/31/14 - 02:11 PM

Thanks for a great 2014, everyone! I think it is safe to say that torsos are safe for at least a few days, and to celebrate with you, we've got some new items on the store to help you finish out your year with some fun things. Or start the next one. However you want to see it.

We made a New Year's Pin. It sparkles.

We also stuffed a bunch of limted-edition, screen-printed reusable shopping bags with valuable goodies. And then we double stuffed some of those bags with additional special treats in an exercise known as fukubukuro. You'll DEFINITELY get well over $150 worth of stuff in your bag, and you may get custom, rare or fun items in there as well, all for just $75.

Don't forget our new hoodies, tees and the gorgeous Dungeon Mistress Print!

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