• PAX Online 2020 Indie Showcase
PAX Online 2020 Indie Showcase

PAX Online 2020 Indie Showcase


The PAX Online Indie Showcase is a showcase of independent games to take part in PAX Online. Taking submissions until July 17th, we'll cull the selection of games into what feel are the best of the best in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor.

A. Announcement on Penny Arcade as being selected for The PAX Online Indie Showcase!
B. Announcement on the PAX site as being selected for The PAX Online Indie Showcase!
C. You'll be part of a featured streamed session during PAX Online to showcase your game.
D. Your game listed and promoted on the PAX Online event page on Steam.

A. All games must have, at minimum, a coming soon page on Steam by September to be featured in the PAX Online Indie Showcase.
B. You are an independent developer with 15 employees or less, and without a traditional publisher-developer relationship in place.
C. Any funding you receive or have received must preserve your full ownership of the game and IP. (Kickstarter good, most publisher agreements bad).
D. All games must be in at least beta form.
E. No mods or levels are allowed. This means you can't require the installation of other software to run your game. The only exception to this is if you submit a game that uses a 3rd party game engine (like the Unreal Engine for instance) and you have all the rights to use the engine. In that same vein, middleware can be used for development, but the external software used has to be disclosed with the appropriate copyright and credits assigned.

In order to have our judges consider your game to be in PAX Online Indie Showcase, you must do the following:

A. Purchase this $15 entrance fee.
B. Fill out the detailed form found here.

Keep in mind we are specifically looking for fun factor and a great gameplay experience. Yes, art, audio and stunning visuals can certainly affect the experience, but we aren't dishing out individual awards for those categories.

Those selected to be in the PAX 10 will be notified via email by July 22nd, 2020.

By submitting your game for consideration as an individual or company, you must agree to the following rules and regulations.

A. Keep in mind the PAX Online Indie Showcase was created for independent games, so if it is discovered you do not meet the requirements you will be automatically disqualified and we will totally be keeping your $15.
B. What you submit as far as intellectual property and/or copyright must be owned by you or the company you are submitting for. If we find you have infringed upon any intellectual property, you will be automatically disqualified, and again, we will totally be keeping your $15.
C. If you are submitting for a company, you must be authorized to do so. No going to the team the day before PAX and yelling surprise! Otherwise, you know what happens...it involves disqualification and us keeping your $15.
D. You understand the decisions made by the judges are final. No whining. No complaining. No crying. No appeals. No calling in favors.
E. You agree that it's okay for PAX and PAX organizers to use screenshots, videos, your names, pictures and other assets from your submitted game for marketing purposes.
F. You agree to hold PAX and PAX organizers harmless from any damages or expenses of any kind which arise or are somehow connected with PAX or the PAX Online Indie Showcase.
G. PAX and PAX organizers can cancel or revoke your submission or PAX Online Indie Showcase status at any time for any reason whatsoever. Although we are not cruel and unreasonable people, we have to say this so developer X doesn't go sue-crazy on us if we pull their game after they are caught beating up old ladies the week before PAX.

Once you receive your Order Confirmation, please fill out the form found here. If you have any questions, please email pax_questions@paxsite.com. Thanks!