PAX East Indie Showcase, 2019 Game Submission

Note: The deadline to submit is January 25th, 2019. If you have any questions, please email Thanks!  


It's that time again! The 2019 PAX East Indie Showcase is a feature of independent mobile games to be exhibited at PAX East. This is a contest exclusively for indie games that run on current generation mobile based hardware (iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile). Payment and the detail form must be fully complete by Midnight, PST on the evening of January 25th, 2019.

A. Announcement on Penny Arcade as being selected for PAX East Indie Showcase!
B. Announcement on the PAX East site as being selected for PAX East Indie Showcase!
C. Four Exhibitor Hall Badges for PAX East 2019, giving you access to everything exhibitors receive.
D. A space in the PAX East Exhibition Hall for you and your team to demo your game to tens and thousands of gamers, media and industry-folk. We can provide a monitor and speakers if requested earlier than within 30 days of the show, however this will not include any additional hardware for your demo to play on (you'll need your own video adapters to display your game on the monitors).

A. You are an independent developer without a traditional publisher-developer relationship in place.
B. You cannot be funded by an outside party.
C. All games must be in at least beta form.
D. The team or company involved must be limited to 15 employees or less.
E. Your game must run on current generation mobile based hardware (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile).

In order to have our judges consider your game to be in The PAX East Indie Showcase, you must do the following:

A. Buy this item via the "Add to Cart" button.
B. Fill out the detail form found here.
C. Upload a copy of your game to an accessible location (a secured FTP is preferred). If your title uses Testflight, shoot us an email at to work out the logistics..

Keep in mind we are specifically looking for fun factor and a great gameplay experience. Yes, art, audio and stunning visuals can certainly affect the experience, but we aren't dishing out individual awards for those categories.

Those selected to be in The PAX East Indie Showcase will be notified via email by February 26th, 2019. 

Once you receive your Order Confirmation, please fill out the detail form found here. If you do not fill out this form by January 25th, you will not be eligible. If you have any questions, email us at Thanks!

PAX East Indie Showcase, 2019 Game Submission


Event Information:

By submitting your game for consideration as an individual or company, you must agree to the following rules and regulations.

A. Keep in mind The PAX East Indie Showcase was created for independent games, so if it is discovered you do not meet the requirements you will be automatically disqualified and we will totally be keeping your $50.
B. What you submit as far as intellectual property and/or copyright must be owned by you or the company you are submitting for. By submitting the game you're not infringing on any other intellectual property owners.
C. If you are submitting for a company, you must be authorized to do so. No going to the team come March and yelling surprise!
D. You understand the decisions made by the judges are final. No whining. No complaining. No crying. No appeals. No calling in favors.
E. You agree that it's okay for PAX and PAX organizers to use screenshots, videos, your names, pictures and other assets from your submitted game for marketing purposes.
F. You agree to hold PAX and PAX organizers harmless from any damages or expenses of any kind which arise or are somehow connected with PAX or The PAX East Indie Showcase.
G. PAX and PAX organizers can cancel or revoke your submission or PAX East Indie Showcase status at any time for any reason whatsoever. Although we are not cruel and unreasonable people, we have to say this so developer X doesn't go sue-crazy on us if we pull their game after they are caught beating up old ladies the week before PAX.
H. If chosen to be in the PAX East Indie Showcase, you or a representative must be able to demo the game live at PAX East 2019, March 28th-31st (note that PAX East is now 4 days long, starting Thursday) during all open exhibition hours. Setup begins on March 26th. Four complimentary exhibitor passes will be given to each game team, however flight and accommodations will not be provided.
I. The deadline for both payment and the detail form is 11:59pm PST, January 25th, 2019. To keep the playing field level, there will be no exceptions to this rule.