• Paul & Storm: <br />Acquisitions Incorporated <br />(Digital Download)
Paul & Storm: <br />Acquisitions Incorporated <br />(Digital Download)

Paul & Storm:
Acquisitions Incorporated
(Digital Download)


This collection of songs by Paul and Storm, the official bards for the Acquisitions Incorporated Live Dungeons & Dragons game at PAX 2011, is sure to surprise and delight the D&D/Penny Arcade-related-music-hungry fan. Available here for digital download.

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Track List:
01 - These Four Men
02 - Critical Hit
03 - Jim Darkmagic
04 - Don't Blow the Daily
05 - Critical Fail
06 - Acquisitions Incorporated Jingle
07 - Acquisitions Incorporated Jingle II
08 - Oath of Emnity