• PAX 2009 <br />(DVD Set)
  • PAX 2009 <br />(DVD Set)
PAX 2009 <br />(DVD Set)
PAX 2009 <br />(DVD Set)

PAX 2009
(DVD Set)

$40.00 $10.99

In collaboration with 2 Player Productions, the creators behind Reformat The Planet and our own Penny Arcade: The Series, we set out to document PAX altogether. "Robust" doesn't begin to cover the contents of its six incredible discs, which include, as a partial list:

  • The keynote with Ron Gilbert
  • Panels with Penny Arcade including the Q&A with Gabe & Tycho and the Drawing the Comic panel
  • The Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour
  • Digimally remastered performances by
    • MC Frontalot
    • Anamanaguchi
    • Metroid Metal
    • Paul and Storm
    • Jonathan Coulton
    • Freezepop
  • The entire pilot episode of Penny Arcade: The Series with an additional commentary track by Tycho and Gabe.
  • Two complete documentaries by 2 Player Productions (Omegathon 2009 and The PAX Experience).
  • Photo galleries of PAX activities, festivities and attendees.
  • A grand total of over 10 hours of content, that's more than 1/3 of a whole day!

Product Details:

*Please note that some cover song performances have not been included. 

**Some folks have reported a skip during the keynote on certain players - if you're affected, please let us know and we'll provide a secret link to download the HQ video (or, of course, we can provide a refund).