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  • Supercommuter, Products of Science - Full Album, Digital Download

Supercommuter, Products of Science - Full Album, Digital Download



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*We recognize that this is not a DVD, but rather a digital download of .mp3 files.  We do not have a Digital Downloads section of our store, so this product will reside here... for now.*

Boasting the lyrical prowess of former Autobeat Commander Wheelie Cyberman (Optimus Rhyme), the subversive electronica of the Game Boy-slinging Stenobot (Sink or Swim We'll Go Together) and the production acumen of the one and only Tron Juan, Supercommuter share the spotlight on their sophmore album, Products of Science, with guest vocalists Rachel Haden (That Dog, The Rentals), Jen Wood (Tattle Tale, The Postal Service) and Optimus Rhyme alum Stumblebee.  Available now for digital download!  These files are 100% DRM free.

01 The Commute Continueth...
02 DMG We Trust In Thee
03 It is Splendid!
04 #1 Kyabajo (ft. Rachel Haden)
05 Wheelie's Lament (ft. Jen Wood)
06 Frozen
07 Script Kitties
08 Robot Party
09 Natural Immunity (ft. Stumblebee)
10 FF45
11 We're Watching You
12 Victory Song

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