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  • PA Staff Pick Prints Pack [Set of 3 Comics]

PA Staff Pick Prints Pack [Set of 3 Comics]


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While we work on getting that print-this-comic button back under each comic, we decided to make smaller custom packs of prints based on favorites around the office.  Here's Gabe's curated selections: 

A Quaint and Curious Volume - When we heard about the ad supported Kindle this joke just popped right into our heads. I love the idea of modern advertisers slipping their commercials into classic literature.

Rex Ready: The Return of Rex Ready - People had been asking us for more Rex Ready for years. My favorite part of this strip is the woman in his bed. It just raises a lot of questions.

Pokemorality - This is my favorite drawing of Gabe. There is just something about it that says everything you need to know about him as a character.


These comics are printed on heavy 110# card stock (good, high quality paper that is thick enough for hanging but thin enough for framing).  Most will measure 12x18 inches, except when they don't.  Most that don't will be 12x12 inches.