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  • Penny Arcade: The Series - Season 3 DVD Set
  • Penny Arcade: The Series - Season 3 DVD Set

Penny Arcade: The Series - Season 3 DVD Set



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Penny Arcade: The Series - Season 3

2011 was a super long time ago, and 2012 is basically in the can. Who can remember any of it? And why should you? Leave that task to these tiny discs we just made. A fully ridonkulous assortment, featuring weddin's and what have you, and comic makin', with a fully ascendant Fourth Panel that transforms the writing of each strip into a no-holds barred creative cage match.

This Penny Arcade: The Series, Season Three DVD collection captures the events of 2011 and 2012 in a classic format with unmatched convenience and portability.

DVD Features:

  • All 32 episodes from Season 3, including all 20 "The 4th Panel" Episodes
  • English subtitles for all Season 3 Episodes
  • Over three hours of deleted scenes
  • Three bonus audio tracks for EACH original episode, from Mike & Jerry, Vantage Point Products and Penny Arcade staff members, totaling nearly 15 hours of never-before-seen content
  • Bonus, behind-the-scenes action footage of a secret ping pong match played between Penny Arcade and one mysterious and sweaty man
  • Totally region free

Also available as part of a complete 3-season set, or paired with a Penny Arcade mug.

Here is a little sample of the deleted scenes that you'll find on these discs: