• Paul & Storm: <br />Acquisitions Incorporated <br />(Digital Download)
Paul & Storm: <br />Acquisitions Incorporated <br />(Digital Download)

Paul & Storm:
Acquisitions Incorporated
(Digital Download)


Carried here on a wave of popular demand, this collection of songs by Paul and Storm, the official bards for the Acquisitions Incorporated Live Dungeons & Dragons game at PAX 2011, is sure to surprise and delight the D&D/Penny Arcade-related-music-hungry fan.  Available here for digital download.  These files are 100% DRM free.

01 These Four Men
02 Critical Hit
03 Jim Darkmagic
04 Don't Blow the Daily
05 Critical Fail
06 Acquisitions Incorporated Jingle
07 Acquisitions Incorporated Jingle II
08 Oath of Emnity

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